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Our experience in security fencing covers the most comprehensive range of applications from sport, to residential, to high security fencing. We are intimately familiar with installations in all manner of environments.

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We offer various solutions to secure a diverse range of environments, with work previously completed at Rail, Nuclear, Substations, Defence & Commercial sites.


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Force Contracting Services are extremely proud to represent Gallagher Security Systems as a Channel Installation Partner. Gallagher products are amongst the very best secure-by-design systems available.

Projects completed on behalf of Gallagher’s will be overseen by a dedicated project management team, who specialise in installations of this nature. The team will be comprised of vastly experienced members of staff who, between them, will be able to manage and oversee every step of the project. This includes Design Work (including CAD drawings); Enabling Works (such as De-Vegetation & Site Clearance); all associated Civils Works and any subsequent Maintenance which may be required.

Case Study: Harbury Soil Nailing

Working on behalf of J Murphy & Sons and Netowkr Rail, Force completed ground stabilisation works on a key embankment at Harbury using soil nails and a 400cfm compressor.


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We are experienced and specialised providers of all types of security fencing which includes: