We SUPPLY as well as INSTALL

Full Turnkey Service

Take a look at the range of products we can supply - we offer full wraparound service of all civils and installation work

We are delighted and honoured to supply and install from many manufacturers. We work with trusted, experienced partners in all of our work, and we are also open to working with the right supplier for any eventuality. 

We work to client needs and project specification, and advise our clients with the best and most cost-effective options. Below are examples of some of the products we work with:

PAS68 Cantilever Sliding Gate

PAS68 Bi-Folding Speed Gate

PAS68 Swing Gate

Viper Shallow Mount PAS68 Roadblocker

In-ground PAS68 Roadblocker

Commander 30 tonne roadblocker

APex fixed bollard

EVO Bollard (Electro-Mechanical and Manual)

Mantis 64 and 80 fixed bollard

Synergy Bridge Bollard

PulseSecure Protector

FenceSecure System

Trisecure System

Stronguard™️ RCS

Stronguard™️ SL1 (Enhanced Palisade)

Stronguard™️ SL2

SEcureGuard RCS

SEcureGuard SL1 (enhanced 358 Mesh)

SEcureGuard SL2X